B.I accepting Tablo’s harsh criticisms.
When life knocks you down, Get back up and fight harder.

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I’m Ill - Lyrics by Bobby, arranged by Bobby, originally by Red Cafe

I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill

I was born this way
I don’t need your interference
My modus operandi is to
listen to what flows through one ear

A line up of rappers
In their midst, I’m an arsonist
You couldn’t even burn GD and Tablo
But I’m riding a beat blazing on fire
Hang up your tinted glasses (T/N: prejudices)
I’m a guy who breaks nose bones
If you can’t believe me

I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill I’m ill

When I face my rival
It’s sweet like sugar.
When you fire at me
I feel a rush.
Don’t touch me homie.
Hide your face.
I growl like a beast, a bulldog.

The main characters in this game are you and me
Like a woman shines
The spotlight shines on me
I’m a Hyde that doesn’t need to follow rules.
I’m on top like a bull
Lambo and Chi (T/N: my guess is reference to a Lamborghini in The Transformers)

100 battles, 100 victories
A section only for me
Poppin bottles and rockin
Ferrari ain’t the battle of charismas
That’s what i’m talking about muthafckers (ad lib)

Translated by bbuyo-juseyo@tumblr

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wtf smtm editing

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Bobby on fire | SMTM EP 5

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I'm ill
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BOBBY - I’m ill

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